The Healthier I Get…

…the less I think of those who caused such illness. My faith lies not in mortal man. Never turn back!



Sending Love (Double Insanity)

I LITERALLY CANNOT STOP MY IMAGES FROM DUPLICATING AND IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE. If anyone reads this and can help me stop this from automatically happening with all my images upon publishing, I will send you extra love! Thanks in advance.

Surprise Someone!

How long has it been since you have given someone a good surprise? The kind that takes planning and a big dollop of sneakiness! Well, I suggest you put your thinking cap on and plan something right away. How about a surprise visit to unexpecting family members? That sounds like a plan! I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces. I just hope they don’t drop dead from the shock. Morbid me, again. Good luck y’all!


The Wind

The town in which I live is notorious for its wind. It is full-on Winter here and so when that wind blows (and it blows harshly), stepping outside can be painful. As a result, if you  have no pressing reason to leave your home, you simply do not. This has been my life for a while now and it can bring on some strong emotions.

Here is a song about some of those emotions, as fitting as the title suggests.
It is a great one…